Are Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines A Ranking Factor?

Are Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines A Ranking Factor?

Are Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines A Ranking Factor?

The Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines show us what Google considers good UX and quality content, but are they part of the algorithm?

What Is Search Quality Rater Guidelines? Digital Marketing Course | Digital Marketing Glossary

What Is Search Quality Rater Guidelines?

Guidelines for human raters that work for Google to determine the quality of real web pages.

Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines are a document given to people that Google employs for the sole purpose of rating websites.

Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines is the document with instructions for Google raters (aka search engine evaluators) on how to rate the quality of web pages and the relevance of search results.

The Quality Rater Guidelines are very extensive guidelines in the form of questionnaires for manual quality inspection of websites that Google issues to “Search Quality Evaluators” (short: raters) who are part of the Google staff.

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Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines | Marie Haynes at Optimisey

Google penalty expert, Marie Haynes, came to speak at the Optimisey SEO events. Marie’s talk discusses the Google Quality Raters’ Guidelines – topics such as ‘E-A-T’ (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trust), YML (Your Money or Your Life) and the relevance of these terms.

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Transcript extract below:

…Google is getting better at figuring out which websites actually are serving people’s needs. You know, in the past, how many of you have been doing SEO type stuff like pre-Penguin, pre-2012 any? Okay so you guys remember like the days where most of SEO was, you know ‘Let’s just build links; let’s build our own links; let’s get more links’ you know everywhere we can get links was kind of like that was most of SEO.

And Google’s you know trying to they’re getting past like tricks and loopholes to convince Google that you’re better and they’re actually figuring out you know which sites are actually serving the user best.

So this stuff , looking at site search, is really good because: If people are coming to your website and they can’t find what they want they’re just gonna go somewhere else.

And Google can figure that out they can figure out if people you know genuinely like to use your competitor’s site then it’s probably gonna rank better so figuring out what it is that can serve users better is kind of what we do.

So I say ‘we’ now because just over a year ago I started hiring people and we have ten of us now who all we do now is just do site quality reviews so there’s sort of a mixture of a site audit a technical audit looking at how well the site serves users and looking at these quality raters guidelines which we’re going to talk about today.

How many of you are familiar like reasonably familiar with Google’s Quality Raters’ Guidelines?

Just a couple? Okay either that or people don’t like to raise hands which you know that’s that’s a pet peeve of mine: speakers that ask you to constantly raise your hands. I won’t do it constantly.

The Quality Raters’ Guidelines this is something that I guarantee you like a year or more from now you’re gonna be hearing so much stuff about these guidelines and you’re gonna say like ‘Oh wow we had this information before.’ like this is stuff that:

I’m going to show you some evidence as to why I think that almost everything in Google’s algorithms today ties back to something in these Quality Raters’ Guidelines.

And so if we can understand them we can produce really really good websites.
Read the full transcript and download the slides at:

Understanding & Optimizing for the Google Quality Rater Guidelines (E.A.T.)

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For full transcript
2:03 Concept of E.A.T.
3:29 What are the Google Quality Rater Guidelines
4:02 Quality Raters are not Spam Team people
7:34 E. A.T used in the Ranking system
10:50 Food bloggers often go too far into the medical side of diets
11:58 Entity explained by Marie
13:20 Using Yoast plugin to identify author name to Brand name(helps in obtaining Knowledge graph)
15:00 Every post has to have(best practice) BIO of the author and why he/she can write about it
17:28 Personal Authority is the way to go
19:02 How Google measures E.A.T.
23:36 Medic update
31:27 Do your Branded Search, check who is talking about you
35:37 What would self-taught cook has to do to show his/her Expertise
37:34 Guest post is a good place to start your name get recognized (not for links)
47:05 How do we EAT for clients that don’t blog?
50:53 Main and supplementary content
53:25 Should all the posts be 600 words or more?

Recent statements by Google have made it clear that it does use the concept of EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, & Trustworthiness) as a ranking factor. Further, core updates like Medic (among others) have shown that Google is taking a hard-line-view in what they consider quality content, long-term relevance, and bottom-line author credibility.

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Googles Top SEO Ranking Factors for 2021

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With Google’s algorithm updates and the surge of new SEO tools, it can be difficult to know what you need to do in order to rank well on search engines. This blog post will cover some of the top ranking factors for 2021.

Keyword targeting. Keywords are at the center of an effective SEO strategy
Title and header tags
Meta description
Image alt-text
URL structure
Information quality

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0:00 Googles Top SEO Ranking Factors
1:25 What is the #1 ranking factor on Google?
1:54 What are the 200 Google ranking factors?
3:15 What are the top 10 SEO ranking factors?
4:15 How do you get top ranks in SEO?
5:15 Googles Top SEO Ranking Factors



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Googles Top SEO Ranking Factors for 2021 ��

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