Is Domain Name A Google Ranking Factor?

Is Domain Name A Google Ranking Factor?

Is Domain Name A Google Ranking Factor?

Having an exact match domain used to be a big deal. But does domain name play a part in search rankings today?

Does Buying Extra Domain Names Help SEO?

Today’s question: if you buy extra domain names and point them at your branded domain name, does that improve your SEO?

In most cases, No.

One reason you would want to buy extra domain names is to protect competitors from diluting your brand. If you own variations on your branded domain name (think: .net, .org, .biz, .info) then you “lock up” any branded domains. Essentially, this is to keep the domains out of someone else’s hands, but it adds nothing directly to your search rankings.

An additional reason you might buy multiple domain names is if your brand name is sometimes misspelled. (We’ve actually picked up extra domain name variations because people have shared links to our site in the past with the domain name misspelled.)

Another reason you would buy extra domains would be in a competitive vertical, where you want to acquire non-branded domains, and keep a competitor from obtaining them. Again, it doesn’t add anything to your SEO, unless someone owned that domain before, and built back links to the domain. But pointing old domains at your live site should be done with caution as well.

The third reason you would buy extra domains is to leverage them for their back link profile by pointing them at your site (do so extremely cautiously), or building out a new site from the old domain (somewhat safer to do). If you explore this idea, here’s some things to keep in mind:

Google remembers any URLs it crawls for a very long time. If you point domain name at your site that had a website built on it before, Google will try to find any URLs that were on the old site, on your existing site. You may see a bunch of Crawl Errors or 404s in your Google Search Console if you do this.

Google is also a domain registrar (since 2014), and can see the history of domain ownership records. If a domain expired, and you bought it, and you point it at a new site, Google will evaluate that site against what it remembers. In other words, Google will check to see if the domain is similar to what it was before. Most SEO consultants also believe that Google evaluates dropped domains that are reactivated as websites as brand new websites. Meaning, don’t expect 100% of the old link equity to transfer over to your site if you buy a domain name for the back link profile.

To sum it up, buying variations of your branded domain name, or domain names that sounds good,do not inherently add more ranking power to your site. No matter how many extra domains you point at your site, in most cases, they won’t add extra SEO to your company website.

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